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Magill Drops Out of Mayoral Race

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (2/9/2017 – Corpus Christi, TX)


The following is a letter from former Councilman Chad Magill:

My Friends & Fellow Corpus Christians:


Leadership comes in many forms; Autocratic, Democratic, Strategic, Transformational, Team, Cross-Cultural, Facilitative, Laissez-Faire, Transactional, Coaching, Charismatic, and Visionary Leadership.

Some forms of leadership are most evident when times are tough and challenges seem to arise around every corner. Some forms of leadership offer a steady and even-handed approach, even in our most most difficult days. And, some forms of leadership plant seeds for the Greater Good to take root, growing steadily over time.

Today I share this with you after prayerful reflection, with a clear conscience, open heart, and belief in our city’s future that I am choosing to not run for Mayor of Corpus Christi in this Special Election.

  • By taking this step, our city will have a better chance of saving the cost of a Special Election Runoff.(Approximately $250,000 tax dollars). If one candidate is able to receive 50%+1 in the Special Election, the new Mayor will be able to get to work sooner. I hope that other potential candidates also consider the Greater Good.
  • I hope that candidates ask themselves if Corpus Christi needs yet another negative campaign or more negative publicity. Let’s have an issue-based campaign focused on what Mayoral Candidates can accomplish for the Greater Good of our city.
  • By taking this step, I pray we heal as a city, focus on being proactive, and solving the problems we know we have had for many, many years.

It Is Our Time as a City, to Rise Above
Corpus Christi can rise above our water & infrastructure challenges and financially fix them. Corpus Christi can rise above the negativity and politics, and we can rise above the bureaucracy of people that don’t go the extra mile for others. It is indeed time for our city to rise above the issues, and solve their root causes.

To each of you who have supported our campaign, offered to work on our campaign, and pledged your vote:
My family and I hope you know how much gratitude and deep appreciation we have for you.
Know this decision wasn’t taken lightly and that we will stay involved in shaping our city’s future.
We love Corpus Christi and Believe in the Greater Good for All.

Respectfully submitted,