Short Films: Release

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     The editors of the Paper Trail News have decided to add a Short Film section to our online news site.  Our goal is to give filmmakers an opportunity to share their work and get some feedback from viewers.  To see how this idea catches on, we are starting with our a short film we made, one that earned Matthew Thornton the Best Actor Award, Taylor Zamora the Best Supporting Actress Award, and Robert Thornton a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the local CC7D Film Festival.  The film presented here is the editor’s cut, which is twice as long as the 8-minute version submitted to the festival.

     “Release” is the story of a washed-up baseball player caring for his invalid father and battling the demons in his life.  Just when all seems lost, he is saved by two neighborhood kids tired of hanging out with their grandmother all summer.  (Note:  This film is suitable for all ages.)

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Release Still

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