Neanderthal Wisdom

    Hieroglyphics © Dan Thornton

     No, it is not an oxymoron; however, it is not fashionable in our current enlightened state; nevertheless, many people cling to “Neanderthal wisdom”, also referred to as common sense. At the expense of sounding clichéd, when it comes to common sense, I must point out that it is now quite uncommon. In fact, it is bordering on extinction in the halls of higher learning, the popular press and the seats of government. It is my expressed intention to encourage the Neanderthals among us to standup, speak up and be proud of their Neanderthal heritage.

     Science cannot tell us what happened to Neanderthal man, although there are several published theories. One possible theory is that he succumbed to climate change. Yes, there was climate change 40 thousand years ago, but the enlightened or progressives as they like to be called, do not want to discuss it. I am pretty sure that Neanderthal man was not the cause of climate change, but honestly the climatologists have not weighed in on this topic yet. As an aside, I recently read that there was evidence of water on Mars, but due to changes in the climate the only evidence left behind is in the form of dry lake beds. I was not so much impressed with possibility of water as I was at the admission of climate change on Mars. Again, I am pretty sure that Neanderthal man did not cause it.

Alaskan Mountains © Dan Thornton

   There is evidence that Neanderthal man lived into the time of Homo sapiens and may have interbred with Homo sapiens, but again this is not settled science but one of many theories. This is of particular interest to me because it could account for the residue of common sense that is found in modern man. At any rate, one theory suggest that Neanderthal man was destroyed by Homo sapiens. This theory is intriguing because it parallels the current ongoing conflict between the modern enlightened progressives and the rest of us.

     The third and final theory is not so much of a theory, but what I think might have happened to Neanderthal man. Neanderthal man met the Homo sapiens and looked him over closely then sat down and laughed himself to death.

     Until next time…