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Parker Memorial Park in Flour Bluff Gets Makeover

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Parker Memorial Park on Graham Road in Flour Bluff

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     For those who attend events at the Ethel Eyerly Community Center or have been swimming at Parker Pool in Flour Bluff, they have probably noticed that the park is under construction.  On May 24, 2016, the City Council approved the construction contract with Ram-Bro Construction of Robstown, Texas, in the amount of $363,559.50 for the Community Park Development and Improvements – Parker Park project, part of Bond 2012, Proposition 4.

     CIVCAST, the online bidding site used by the City, reports that the 2.2 acre area of work required that each company place bids to:

  1. Clear and grub approximately 92,000 SF of park area for planting and seeding.
  2. Clear and seed turf as specified in approximately 78,000 SF of park area.
  3. Install decomposed granite paths as shown own drawings approximately 3,500 square feet.
  4. Demolish and install new play areas in concrete as shown on plans.  These areas will be topped with fall surface material provided by the City.  Approximate area of concrete slab area is 4,575 square feet.
  5. Provide new concrete pavement around new play areas as shown on plans area is approximately 2,652 square feet.
  6. Demolish and install new sidewalks as part of base bid scope as shown on plans, approximate area for these walks is 2,247 square feet.
  7. Provide new lighting at play areas and at basketball court.
  8. Demolish and replace pavilion roof structure as detail on plans.

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Parker Park 4

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  According to the Corpus Christi Engineering Services presentation to City Council on May 17, 2016, the project includes:

  • New irrigation system, new topsoil, new Bermuda grass, and native low water demand plants and decomposed granite paths
  • Repairs of the existing perimeter walking path
  • Removal of existing play equipment in anticipation of the installation of new equipment. The new equipment will be purchased and installed as a separate contract.
  • Two new concrete pads for new play areas and safety surfacing
  • Lighting for playgrounds and the existing basketball courts
  • Repairs to the existing pavilion roof

     The anticipated construction completion of the park is set for November 2016.  With the newly renovated park, the citizens of Flour Bluff are hopeful that the City will help them find a way to combat the homeless problem that has existed in the park for many years.

     “It’s the shadiest park in Flour Bluff. It’s close to the pool, and it has tennis and basketball courts,” said one woman who takes her children to swim at the pool that has been brought back to life by a group of devoted citizens, the Parker Pool Patriots.  “It’s a shame that the homeless are living in the park because it makes me really leery about letting my kids play there.  Maybe this will change all that.”