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STX BMX Raceway: History in the Making

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     The more people learn about STX BMX Raceway, the more we, as a track family, hear, “Is it the same track that was here years ago?”  The answer to this question is no. STX BMX is not the same track as before.  However, it is in the same area of town of the old track.  With BMX out of the scene of our city for quite some time, it was the Click family who helped to revive it so many years later.

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     The current Track Owners are Jeff and Becky Click.  They have four children: Tyler, Colten, Kody, and Sami, all of whom participate in the sport at one time or another.  The Click family put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to make the track and facility what it is today.

    In 2010, Colten and Kody began racing BMX in Camarillo, California, at Freedom Park BMX track.  There they raced five to six times per week.  Just as with anything else, the more they practiced and raced, the better they became.

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     It was in 2011 that the idea of opening a BMX track began.  In July of 2011, Jeff retired from the military service.   The Click family moved back to Texas in August of 2011.  With a vision in mind, the Clicks met with the Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation in September of 2011 to discuss the possibilities of leasing land for the proposed BMX track.

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     For a little over a year, October 2011 until December 2012, the Clicks attended various meetings with City Council and the neighborhood where the track would be located. In December of 2012, the mayor approved the lease of the property, allowing the revival of the sport of BMX in South Texas.

track (1)     As many may know, just because something is approved does not mean that the development and building of it happens overnight.  On March 20, 2013, the Clicks got the “green light” from Development Services to break ground on what is now STX BMX Raceway.

     In April of 2013, Lance Maguire Track and Jeff spent 4 days roughing in the track (building the berms and jumps without grooming the track).  In the months after dirt was brought in (May 2013-August 2013) Jeff, Becky, Tyler, Colten, and Kody spent every waking, free second they had shoveling, raking, packing, and sweeping the 1,100 feet by 24 feet of dirt.

     Two years after the process began, on August 5, 2013 STX BMX Raceway celebrated its Grand Opening along with itstrack first official race.  As the time went on, the number of riders increased and the races became more frequent.  The word spread, and more families became members of STX BMX Raceway.  In July of 2014, STX BMX Raceway held their first State Qualifier race (Note:  In order to qualify to race in the State Championship Race, a rider must compete in at least four State Qualifiers during the season.), which saw over 350 riders over two days.

878_mxw980_mxha_e0     The 2014 season and the first big race at STX BMX Raceway was such a success, that in July of 2015 STX BMX Raceway held 3 races (Race for Life, Gold Cup Regional Race, and 2nd State Qualifier Race) in one weekend, welcoming over 400 riders over the three day period.

    After a great 2015 race season, the track held their 1st Annual STX BMX Awards Banquet in February 2016.  (Awards were covered in last month’s publishing of The Paper Trail News.)  STX BMX Raceway has had a very strong start to the 2016 race season, with several new riders and BMX families joining the BMX life.  The Clicks continue to dedicate their time to the operation and upkeep of the track in order for the kids (and adults) to enjoy their time with the STX BMX Family (because that is what we are).

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