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Vandals Strike the Local BMX Track

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     It’s no secret that Corpus Christi has seen a lot of rain over the last couple of months.  The STX BMX track has been closed lately to allow it to dry out. With sun and heat on the rise, it was time to put some work into the track to prepare for the local riders, as well as the few riders who come from out of town. What was supposed to be a typical maintenance day after the rain turned into a nightmare for our local track owners. Vandals broke into the park and caused severe damage to the track.

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     When you hear about vandalism, you never think that it would strike a family-centered recreation facility, especially one that you and your family enjoy.  Unfortunately, this became a reality for STX BMX on June 7, 2016. With the local track’s annual State Qualifier Race fast approaching on July 3, this is the last thing that the riders needed. This is the only track in the area for the riders to prepare for the race.  The vandals broke the lock, tore the gates open, broke the wooden fence along the track, dumped out a paint bucket, tore the fire ring apart, and turned all four water hoses on, leaving them on and positioned to flood the entire track. If that wasn’t bad enough, the trespassers rode bikes (probably dirt bikes) through the water and left deep ruts all over the track.

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     It is one thing for the rain to damage the track, but it is a completely different thing for someone to intentionally ruin what so many kids and their families love and enjoy. With about two and a half weeks before STX BMX is to host a major state race where people from all over the state will come to race and visit our city,  it is important for people to know that those of us who care about the sport and the local track aren’t calling it quits. The repairs have already begun, and we will continue working hard to rebuild and fix what was damaged.

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     Please share this article so others near and far know that senseless vandalism will not deter the volunteers who keep this track going. Even if you are not part of the track family, we hope you will consider helping us get the track in the best condition possible before the day of the big race.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Click here to contact the owners if you would like to assist with restoration of the track.