A Great Book for Dog Lovers

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OwenThe following book review was written by second-grader Owen Beseda.  His favorite pastime is BMX bicycle racing.  He is currently ranked 4th in the state for his age group.  He also loves science and has advanced to the regional finals in science fair twice.  He loves dogs, especially his own, Emma and Bingo.  Owen lives with his mom, dad, and little brother.


   I just finished Call of the Wild by Jack London.  It is about a dog Buck who was kidnapped and sold as a sled dog in a severely cold northern territory.  He fights for his life fiercely and grows stronger.  He even becomes a leader of his pack.  When Buck, a St. Bernard and shepherd mix, hears the howls of the wolves, Buck realizes he must one day answer this call of the wild.  The reader follows Buck on his journey filled with excitement and danger.  Some of the humans in his life are kind, but most are mean to him.  All dog lovers would like this book, so would anyone who likes a good adventure story.

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St. Bernard

Old Time Farm Shepherd

Farm Shepherd and St. Bernard Mix (Buck?)