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     Finally, the Democrats and Republicans are working together, and as a result we got the $1.3 trillion spending bill, or what some laughingly call the “swamp monster.” Just knowing that Congress was working together, gave me the warm fuzzy feeling I got when they passed Obamacare, and the similarities are striking.  Both bills have the distinction of being more than two thousand pages long, and neither bill was read by our actual congressmen before they approved it.  Like congress, I do not know much about what is in the bill, but it must be good because it has Nancy Pelosi grinning like a monkey eating persimmons.  Eventually the news media will find the time to dissect the bill and will tell us everything we need to know.

     What I do not need to know is anything more about Stormy Daniels. I have heard the same story repeatedly, and I have begun to feel that I am trapped in purgatory.  It would be different if they had some startling new facts, but they do not.  My understanding is that she had a consensual relationship with Donald Trump several years ago.  The key word is consensual.  It is not like there are several women accusing him of rape.  Maybe they are keeping her on the news because she has a new movie coming out, and they are trying to help her out with some free air time.  Maybe they just like the way she fills up a wide screen television, but for those people who actually want to see more of Stormy Daniels, they should just buy her ironically named movie, “Dirt.”  Speaking of dirt, Mueller’s investigation is out of control and has been expanded to include activities related to Stormy Daniels.  Fire Mueller and end the charade.

     For those people not interested in Stormy, perhaps the movie Chappaquiddick will be of interest. The movie about Ted Kennedy is being billed as his darkest hour, but I would suggest it was a bit darker for Mary Jo Kopechne.  It is the fifty-year-old story of an accident that claimed the life of Mary Jo Kopechne who apparently suffocated while waiting for help.  Ted Kennedy, a strong swimmer, drove his car off a bridge and managed to escape out the passenger window but could not rescue his passenger Mary Jo.  He did not notify the authorities for hours, and the story he finally told did not have the ring of truth.  Apparently, there was little investigation, but plenty of cover up.  The only apparent consequence was that Ted Kennedy was sentenced to a two-month suspended jail sentence and was reelected to the senate from Massachusetts, and the incident gave rise to the popular mixed drink called Chappaquiddick (scotch and murky water).  Like in many of the tragic events involving politicians, what we do know is what we do not know.

     Speaking of things we do not know, six months after the mass murder in Las Vegas, we do not know the shooter’s motive.  We do not know why two windows were broken out of his hotel room; we do not know why ISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting, or why the shooter wired $100 thousand to his girlfriend in the Philippines days before the shooting. A lack of answers always gives rise to speculation, and mass shootings always provide oxygen for the echo chamber that offers gun control as a solution to murder.  It is tempting to accept such a simplistic solution, but it is equally naive.  In every murder there is evidence of mental depravity, whether it is merely rage, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or the deranged mind of a terrorist.  Gun control will not solve the murder problem, so give it a rest, David Hogg.

     England outlawed guns many years ago, yet the murder rate in London is higher than in New York City for 2018. The weapon of choice is knives.  There has been a significant increase in knife crimes, rape crimes, and gun crimes in the London over prior years.  It should also be noted that acid attacks have become a popular form of entertainment in merry old England, making London the acid attack capital of the world.  And yet, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, claims, “London is one of the safest global cities in the world.”  Parliament plans to take up new knife control, but perhaps it is time for Great Britain to rethink their gun control laws, their immigration laws and to resurrect Sherlock Holmes.  Unlike the current mayor of London, Sherlock Holmes understood that London was, “the great cesspool in which all of the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained.”

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