A Valentine Trilogy

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St. Valentine

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     Valentine’s Day is well established in the mind of the western world, owing of course to the Valentine’s Day tradition. How it came about is not so clear.  One popular legend is that in the third century AD, a priest named Valentine defied the orders of Emperor Claudius and secretly married couples so that the husband would not have to go to war.  In yet another legend, Valentine refused to sacrifice to pagan gods and was imprisoned for this. While in prison, Valentine’s prayers healed the jailer’s daughter who was suffering from blindness.  On the day of his execution, he left her a note that was signed, “Your Valentine.”

     While there are many legends, it is not clear where the notion of giving Valentine’s Day cards came from. It is abundantly clear that on Valentine’s Day thoughts turn to romance and love.  What follows are some of my thoughts.

Ramblings of the Heart

Sometimes it’s music ringing in the ear

Sometimes the music turns to laughter

Sometimes it’s visions when no one is here

Sometimes the visions do not matter

I’ts like a symphony no one has heard before

It’s like a gallery without paintings

It’s like a dream leaving footprints on the floor

It’s like a heart that’s near to fainting

Sometimes it stings and makes a body numb

Sometimes the numbness is forgiving

Sometimes in silence it leaves you deaf and dumb

Sometimes it makes you glad you’re living

It’s like a circle that keeps going ‘round

It’s like a dream without an ending

It’s like it’s lost then somehow it’s found

It’s like a heart in need of mending

Sometimes it’s crazy ramblings of the heart

Sometimes it stirs the inner feelings

Sometimes it whispers, “We’ll never part”

Sometimes it’s love that leaves you reeling

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Too Many Darts

When dreams fail to conjure the words

I sit in silence, but my thoughts are of you

My pen doesn’t write – my paper lays empty

I struggle with words too terse and too few

Images are formed but are lost in an instant

Scattered like dust in turbulent wind

Try as I might I cannot recapture

The moment that’s lost and won’t come again

Fragments and phrases like dirges dance

Scrawled on paper are too many starts

Conclusions are skipped like the fluttering heartbeat

Cupid I think shoots too many darts

Wrestling with words and uncertain meanings

Eventually the rhythm begins to flow

Too long it took – too near the ending

All that’s left is “I love you” you know

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Words alone seem useless

Like the child that only stutters

They can’t describe the feeling

Of the heart that flits and flutters

In the presence of your favor

Or the passing of a kiss

Moments strung like pearls

Leading to a certain bliss

It’s the happy circumstance

That spreads the rainbow on the heart

In one majestic moment

Without end and without start

It’s the twinkle of a star

On the surface of the eye

Fragments forged I fancy

That binds you and I

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Salvatore Postiglione, Dante e Beatrice, 1906

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